Thursday, May 23, 2013

I declare myself an orphan.  Wednesday WAS my birthday.  There was going to be a party and presents and extra snacks and visiting friends... At the last moment my human ran away to South Carolina in search of the perfect pot of hony ( a small fat chunky horse). She left me under house arrest in New Jersey with the Foreigners!  I could so easily have flown with her.  I would fit nicely under the seat in an airplane....alas I was alone all day with only the alien Nessarose to keep me company.  Barbara offered me most of the bag of cookies ( which she calls candy because she is from the planet France and that is how they call cookies.)  Angus let me out to frolic a bit.  But I was humanless from 3am of my birthday until 2 am the next day.  And still no presents.  No visiting friends.  Thankfully Angus has insisted that I should have a proper party a different day.  Perhaps he will force Leah to follow through. Though I shall not have a bath.  I intend to adopt a new human.  I hope Oprah will have me. Although presently it is too hot and humid to do anything more than pant.
A Very Merry UnBirthday

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