Monday, January 28, 2013

I dislike computers. I understand they are a necessary evil of the modern age, and of course without them I would have to find another way to share my thoughts with the world....I feel mind control would be easy to learn.  I'm going to have to explore that further....
Computers.  Human spend endless hours with these machines: Staring at them.  Stroking them. Leah's computer gets more lap-time than I do.  It isn't even soft and fuzzy.  How do they spend hours petting these things when I am right there doing cute as hard as a I can! Sometimes I get one hand on the head while her other hand is typing.  Really?  Who ever got a good belly rub with only one hand?!
Sometimes we have guests.  Leah's friend Cheyenne or June.  They pet the computer all the time too!  All this petting and stroking of a hairless nothing, it's unhealthy.  Just look what it has done to Nessa:  She thinks she's a shoe.
I have to leave now.  If I stop talking and roll over Leah will put the computer away and rub me instead.

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