Sunday, December 22, 2013

Not Real

"Our brief winter. Ours for the moment
Before earth's soft hand explored your shape, and melted her snows...."

I plagiarized this.  I make no apologies.  If you can be first to name the source of it- Leah will buy you a steak dinner( I would buy the steak dinner, but I have no money.) I just changed a few words. And google is cheating.  You should just know it. 
Our brief winter- so short lived!  We had a week of beautiful snowy wonderfulness, but it has all melted away to mud.  I am extremely fond of mud, but it leads to several unpleasantries.  Most gratuitous of these?? BAThING. 
Oh horrible! Horrible!
There are many problems.  Examine closely: 
1) I am in a sink
2) I am soaking wet
3) I am in a sink
4) I am covered in foul smelling, patina- stripping soap
5) I am in a sink.

I was toweled dry, which was fabulous. The only tolerable part of being bathed really.  Then I was abandoned for the entire night.  Left alone with the alien, Nessarose. No human in the bed to sleep close to,  NO ONE!  I hate New York City.  I found out this morning that I was actually invited to the party there, but she took someone else. 
This is not real
To add insult to injury- This THING has suddenly appeared. Leah says it is my bust and I should not be so touchy about it. She says it is a great honor to be immortalized in sculpture.  I don't know what a bust is.  But if this is parading around in my place I find it unacceptable! 
Well be forewarned.  I forecast a conspicuous increase in mischief.  Impending. Storm conditions possible.  
Bathed and mocked!  

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