Monday, April 15, 2013

These several weeks have been an epic debacle.  Not only have I been unable to make dictation for my posts, but I have been severely deprived of my precious lap time and canoodling.  Events are too numerous to discuss here in great detail, so I am forced to "gloss over" the main events, so to all my faithful readers I offer my deepest apologies.  It is rare that I so totally lose control of my human, but perhaps I can sum up:
1. Annemarie's horse fell and she was knocked unconscious. We had to help the weiners take care of her, because that's what friends do...
2. Passover.  Need I say more?  We went to visit Leah's brother and his wife.  We were left alone all day in a strange house, with strange roomates while Leah, Ari, and Rima went frolicing in the finger lakes. Then we went to Grandma's house for Passover Seder.  To my great delight, I was allowed free roam over the whole house while Nessarose was tied to Leah's chair so as to prevent her from eating off the dining room table.
3. The farm truck was impounded and Leah left on the side of the road.  Apparently her paperwork was not in order....This did not effect me much, but Leah was quite angry about the whole thing and spent a great deal of time ranting and raving, hence another evening lost to blogging forever.
4. Fursey.  Fursey developed a severe cellulitis in his left hind leg two weeks ago!  This appears to have developed into a larger systemic infection which caused Leah ( and consequently myself) many sleepless nights, both worrying and checking on the suffering horse.  Though he seems to still have a lengthy recovery ahead of him he is doing much better over this past weekend although he still needs frighteningly large shots of penicillin in his rear twice a day!  He tolerates all the poking and prodding in a most dignified manner ( as he is a much dignified horse) but myself, I would hide and fuss and cause all sorts of ruckus should Leah come after me with any needles and syringes like those!

Well that is the short short version of the latest adventures.  Spring seems to have arrived on our doorstep at last.  The grass is turning greener and the trees are starting to bud and bloom, along with daffodils everywhere. The birds are numerous and the change to warmer temperatures brings countless new smells  Leah's distraction of late with Fursey's illness and the return of the troops from Florida has meant less time frolicing about the yard for Nessarose and myself.  Though this has been disappointing, on the bright side it has given me plenty of time to enjoy the latest issue of O-magazine.  I overheard that I will be getting my own subscription for my birthday in May.  Properly in my name....Hamish McDougal Mcduff.  I would have looked fabulous on this cover.  Oprah is sitting in a garden in a full, flowing purple skirt.   I look fabulous with purple. After all- it is the color of royalty.