Monday, September 1, 2014

A Wee Bairn


A road trip to family.  Grandma and Pop-Pop.
Suburbs and leashes for We.
The crate set up- quick in your house!
Leah's away.

Pictures and stories on her return. A wee bairn.
So precious so sweet.
I'll hide under the table. When do I get to meet her?

The crate folded down and packed in the car.
Back to New Jersey so soon?
No!  quick- in the toyota we're headed to
Ari and Rima.

Two cars loaded with small human furniture,
food, a collection of plants.
And all the way talk of The Bundle.

Straining on leashes. Fly up the stairs.
Seek out the bundle.
"not now Ham. Later. Back to your house."

A tiny white bundle. Passed 'round overhead.
Cooing and smiling everyone.
Craning through bars- sniffing,
Can't steal even a glimpse.

Baby's first walk, swaddled close against Ari.
Now get the dogs.
Here Hamish. Here Nessa.
Lift Hamish high, Ari bend close
The Wee Bairn.
She smells of Heaven
and Milk.