Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Pendulum Swings

The pendulum swings.  And it has swung far and fast. The two months since I last posted have brought a roller-coaster of events. Firstly- Harvan productions accepted my screenplay immediately.  I received a personal email from Dennis Harvan himself. I quote: "I can not wait to film this amazing feature."  I have been consumed with pre-production details: costumes and props, as well as script editing.  Everything needs to be perfect.  We will begin filming as soon as weather permits and costumes are ready.  I have been instrumental in choosing the soundtrack and it is OUTSTANDING!
Secondly. Macdonwold makes great progress.
Macdonwold in training
This is of course totally to be expected under my tutelage and expert guidance.  He does not seem inclined to be destructive so we have been working on other disobediances and manipulations.  For example: he is already receiving special cheese and homemade treats ( garlic salted hot dog bits) due to his excellent work convincing his human that he is not food motivated.  HA!  a Scot...not food motivated?  hehehe. Well done Macdonwold.  I am working hard to get him over his fear of men, as it is irrational.  The male human species is both entertaining and valuable.  I am working very hard to get another one, though my efforts thus far have born no fruit.
And now we come to it- the pendulum swings again- in the midst of all my hard work on the film and Macdonwold -we were in a car wreck.  Fortunately there were no injuries other than the car and the UN-fortunate coyote who caused the whole debacle( may he rest in peace). A miracle, since as usual Leah was driving the car much too fast.  Nonetheless this was a major setback as the car then had to be repaired. To add insult to injury, Nessarose OD'd on chocolate from the trash and had to be rushed to the hospital.  All within the same 24 hours of our car accident. Nessarose hides her problem well, but she struggles with her addiction and this time she nearly forfeit her life. Truth be told it was quite terrifying.  Her constant state of denial makes her quite stoic. Her early symptoms were hard to read but I am proud to say I played a pivotal role in convincing Leah to rush her to the hospital. My overt concern over Nessarose's listless shape tipped the scales.  She was kept overnight with an IV to re-hydrate her and diagnosed with extreme gastroenteritis. Nessarose is a garbage addict. We love her anyway of course, with all of her imperfections.
 I suppose her selfishness in this instance cannot be helped, she is a slave to her disease. She did get special gourmet gastroenteritis diet food for a whole week following the incident.  This was a major bonus to myself as I was able to feign dislike of my own standard meat in order to partake in hers, and Leah, out of guilt for my suffering at the hands of Nessa's selfishness, has transitioned me almost totally over to meat with only a smattering of kibble.  Nessarose on the other hand is eating primarily kibble with only a smattering of meat. HA! She has also been subjected to crating and Leah is hypervigilante about the garbage can.  There has been absolutely no access for almost a month now.
Needless to say we have been struggling to recover from these dramatic events these several weeks. Leah's grief over Nessarose was extreme. Nessarose has received vastly more than her fair share of attentions since her near death experience.  I wanted to blog sooner but it simply was not possible until I was restored fully to my proper place as First Dog.
Things are returning to normal.  I have been adored for many nights now with both hands used for petting.  In the spirit of my soon to be world-renowned fame as an artistic film maker, writer, and all around general genius- I have begun a self-portraiture series.  These seem to be of great value after one becomes famous.  Or dead. The first installment is shown below. It is titled "Selfportrait1."