Friday, November 13, 2009

i got up early today. it takes the entire day to get dirty. when leah washes me she actually uses soap and makes me dry with a towel. yuck. everyone knows that grass and sand dries you better than any towel. i usually go in the fish pond and then i really roll around on the sand driveway. then i run over in the grass and rub my face in it. like plowing snow. with my head. that way the sand burrs and little cypress bits can get really ground in to my beard, eyebrows, and ears.

then i'm ready to go dragon hunting(lizards) in the manure pit. after that i smell soooo good. it's just delicious. nessa and i smell each other because it's so lovely!

of course leah makes us wash and dry with the towel before we're allowed in the house. then she stole the only spot on the couch with a pillow! now i'm lying upside down with my head in her lap and she's peeling sand burrs and weeds out of my beard. i hope she gets up soon so i can have the pillow back. i'll have to get dirty all over again tomorrow. she just doesn't get it.

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