Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Hello all. i know i've been sort of m.i.a. lately. apologies. please allow me to explain: when i lost touch with everyone i believe we were experiencing the saga of the steps. my last post explained that my little plan had worked beautifully, but i had lost blogging privileges for a few days.

well after that things really went wild. our lovely farm here in loxahatchee has been plagued by a rather large iguana. it must be over 1 foot in length with a tail at least twice it's body length! that makes it the biggest dragon i have ever hunted! it's obviously a very dangerous animal, and i have been unspeakably busy dealing with this latest pest. nessarose is no use at all. she's always too busy obsessing over the garbage to bother helping when i get close to the dragon. besides, she ate an iguana once and it made her so sick she almost died. i'm not stupid. every dog knows that dragons are poisonous and you shouldn't eat them. killing them, however, is entirely appropriate and completely necessary!

well, i haven't caught him yet. but i'm getting close.

to top it off leah left for new york without us. nessarose and i had to spend 4 days with olby. this was excellent because he understands all about being dirty, and doesn't clean my beard everyday. he also loves to share all his meals with us.

however, and this is really important, one must act forlorn when one's human returns from a holiday. nessarose really is forlorn, so her general excitement whenever leah comes home( even from the grocery store) gets the better of her and she is incapable of pretending to hold a grudge. i, on the other hand, have perfected the art of feigning forlorness. i ignored leah for a whole day, and rested on the chair instead of the couch with her.

this led to some other problems, as the first night i tried to snuggle on the couch she accidentally kicked me with her feet, and i didn't mean to do it but i snapped at her. i was immediately scruffed, and shoved to the floor. well, any terrier worth its salt can't take that lying down. so i had to start my grudge all over again. my coldness was immediately misunderstood, and i was scruffed and ignored a second time! disgraceful! nessarose gets scruffed all the time for eating the garbage, but that's the most scruffing i've ever experienced in a 24 hour window!

things have finally calmed down, and i am curled up on the sofa against leah's warm knees while i dictate this post. my grudge is ended and things are pretty much back to normal. leah says ed has moved on to texas( that's another planet like misourri, but somehow different).

i shall be devoting myself fully these next few days to the hunting of the iguana dragon. leah is re-painting the jumps in the horse arena. if i can manage to get enough paint and sand on me, it should make for excellent camouflage. when she isn't looking i'm going to rub myself along the freshly painted poles, there are some lovely green ones. that should make it much easier to stalk the iguana dragon. she has even unwittingly left several of the poles with green paint on cinder blocks close to the ground. right at my shoulder level.

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