Friday, December 11, 2009

My camoflage scheme didn't go quite the way i anticipated. the freshly painted poles were hung to dry way above my head level, ao without green paint i had to resort to rolling in the sand. needless to say i have not managed to get close to the iguana dragon again. in fact, i haven't seen it at all. perhaps my efforts have been enough to scare it away permanently. i can only hope. doing battle with such a large dragon could definately be dangerous- a big risk to take for something completely inedible.

of course nessarose would eat it, but she is little more than a trough-swilling pig. i on the other hand, am a gourmet. that means "a connoseur of eating and drinking. someone who lives to eat rather than simply eating to live." perhaps i'll leave this dragon to the pig, if she takes enough time away from the garbage to even notice it.

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