Monday, December 21, 2009

We had to go to the vet's office yet again today. Nessarose's eyeball. i guess she's going to be fine. too bad the silly thing didn't just fall out and die. i think nessarose would be very appealing with a pirate eye patch. fortunately we have very good health insurance. it's called " leah cross and shield." we don't even have co-pays, and there are no limits. we also get full prescription drug coverage. even alternative therapies such as chiropractic and massage are covered. i guess we have dental, but we never really need to use it. no mental health coverage. explains a lot about nessarose, doesn't it? she suffers from g.o.d. garbage obsession disorder. also called a god complex. it's really too bad she isn't qualified for mental health care, since she would clearly benefit from some proper medication. but i digress...

apparently this health care thing is a MAJOR issue among humans right now. that's because they don't have hosts to take care of them like we dogs do. see we've developed our dependency upon humans to the point of co-dependency. which really just means that we've convinced humans that they need us. can't live without us. it's obvious that humans just need to wise up and evolve into a falso co-dependency with some other life form. perhaps something with double thumbs, since the thumb thing is really the only reason humans have taken over the earth. dogs would certainly be world leaders if we only had thumbs. we are obviously so much more clever. look at all the perks we've won without thumbs to help us! we don't really do anything but lounge about like royalty, and hunt dragons. in exchange we receive full housing benefits, at least 2 meals a day (plus snacks), full health benefits, ( some highly strung dogs even have mental health coverage!), paid vacations, and an excellent retirement plan.

and they think that they're the one's who are evolved!

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