Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Leah & the Real Dog

Champagne was poured.  The red- carpet was rolled out.  The tikki torches lit, paper lanterns in the trees, speeches were made. The sun set and the movie played!  Leah & the Real Dog premiered Monday night to universal acclaim.  The Forty minute short film met with thundering applause as the final credits rolled.  The verdict:  It's a smashing success, a blockbuster, a hit! "Head-spinning, a Mirthful film!" wrote Sarah Maslin Nir.
I am still processing emotions.  The intensity of the experience is still too close for me to write about it now.  I am including here several photographs from my personal portrait photographer, Dr. Mark Epstein ( also my voice in the film). You will also see the link to the newspaper article from the Hunterdon Democrat written by New York Times reporter Sarah Maslin Nir.
The movie is posted on the link, so you can see it there. Though we may very well show it again this summer.
kilt couture
my inimatble style!

cast and crew


 Here's the link to our glowing review:
Tewksbury-produced film celebrates big screen premiere!

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