Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Listening on May 14th 2015

I am in the process of composing a masterful blog post but fate has conspired that I lay it aside.  Word came early this morning of my Great Grandmother's passing ( on the human side of course as I have no remaining connection with the canine side of my family).

Grandma Edie. I never got to see her often as her house was deemed to clean for Scottish ruffians like myself.  She enjoyed feeding us table scraps.  Quietly of course so that no one would notice.  She would slip us little morsels under the table and then laugh and chuckle to herself as though she'd gotten away with some naughty deed.

self portrait 2: variation
Quite a business one's human so sad. A dog does what he can to comfort.  She likes to hold onto me.  But what she wants is someone to hold onto her. I'm just not so big.

A deep chest and thick arms she says.  A strong shoulder just to cry on.

I don't have these things.  We dogs just stay close and listen to the heartbeats.  We are ever full of wish.  After all life is short, especially for a dog.

I write often as I can.  But my human's voice is not often heard.  So here I use this platform to share something none of you might read otherwise.

And I say Goodbye to Grandma Edie.  We'll meet someday on the rainbow bridge.
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