Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Something is amiss if your human brings home a rubber doll and she is older than 10. It isn't even fuzzy.  How is that fun?  It can't canoodle.  It's just a pretty color.  Well, and everyone likes to bounce around on it.  Personally I find the whole thing to be completely ridiculous. It isn't even real.  And Leah is always saying how wonderful and real I am...and my toes.  She always says that- "you are so real.  even your toes are REALLY REAL!"  And here we are suddenly living with this rubber thing and talking about it all the time.  I am even blogging about it.  It doesn't even have a  real name! She just calls it "Twenty-Two."  Well I refuse to be amused by it, and the next time she leaves it on the floor I intend to pee on it.
It is once again the turkey holiday, though I am told I am to be left home. "Twenty-Two" is going.  Seems being rubber has its advantages.  Leah says if I will allow the small children to ride me like a pony I may go to turkey dinner.  I refused. So I will just stay here. ALONE in all my realness, whilst the fake pet goes to turkey dinner.
On the brightside we were visited by Ed.  He still smells divinely of tobacco, beef, and sand.  I was fed many more treats than usual, but it was a short visit and we did not get to do any manly things together. Perhaps he will visit again.
Nevertheless I wish a everyone a very happy Thanksgiving. I will be happy to accept any and all leftovers of any kind.

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  1. Hamish, could you please refer this to your mother? I think we need to revamp our plans for a cashmere goat herd given this breaking news: